The creative process involved in the making of art within a therapeutic relationship is healing and life enhancing, and is a powerful tool for dealing with a wide variety of situations. 



Loss is an universal experience that everyone is bound to face at various point in our lives (the loss of a loved one, one's health, a job, a home). When confronted with a significant loss, expressive therapy is an effective means to help people explore and express feelings associated with mourning, to revisit the relationship with the departed, to give shape to our memories, and to find hope.



It is said that a trauma leaves you at a loss of words: art gives voice to the unspeakable and can help you hold the unbearable. Cristina's approach to trauma is a step-by-step process, which goes from finding a safe ground, to rebuilding confidence, integrating the trauma in the personal history and replanning a fruitful future.


Roots and Wings (aka Geographical Transitions)

When we move from one place to another on this beautiful planet, we travel with a suitcase full of dreams, hope, fear, expectations, grief. Through a series of techniques designed ad hoc, Cristina supports people who need to go deeper into their personal roots in order to spread their wings and thrive.


Creative Journeys

For anyone who wants to journey within, drawing their own map of a path to questioning and discovery. For who is on a spiritual quest and wants to find what's unique and universal in their own Self. For who needs to live deeper and likes the descending spiraling staircase...