1999 BA and MA in Psychology, University of Padua, Italy;

2013 Postgraduate Diploma in Expressive Psychotherapy, Expressive Psychotherapies Institute of Art Therapy Italiana, Bologna, Italy.

Work Experiences

* At the beginning of her career Cristina worked as a social worker in families with abused or traumatized children;

* Later on she was promoted to supervise social workers in this field;

* As an Art therapist she worked in different settings and with a wide range of clientele, such as:

*Art therapy groups with adult outpatients of the Mental Health Service;

* Expressive workshop in elementary and middle schools, as part of projects to prevent school drop-out;

* Art Psychotherapy in a Center for the treatment of autistic children and teens.

* In private practice she has been focusing mostly on helping adults and children who struggle with different emotional issues, such as trauma, damaged body image and grief, and anybody willing to engage in a transformational journey in any phase of their life.