"I met Cristina when I was dealing with many troubles both in my work and in my private life. Together, we went through a deep experience in art therapy and she led and supported me in every single moment. Cristina is a compassionate listener and makes expressing yourself something natural and spontaneous, even for me with no experience with art materials! My images would follow one another during the sessions, while in my daily life change happened." Donatella M.

"I received so many benefits from my first art therapy session with Cristina, and I enjoyed the process wholeheartedly. I didn't know what to expect from our time together, but I had something I wanted to work with. Cristina helped me to frame the issue and asked me to hold a couple ideas while I engaged in two art processes. I chose collage and clay, but she offered me an array of choices. I appreciated her ability to witness me while giving me a supportive space to hold my questions and create, and I also benefitted from her insights in helping me make associations and new perspectives from comparing and contrasting my art pieces.
Cristina created a very professional, safe, stimulating space for me. I left feeling invigorated, happy, empowered, and filled with curiosity to keep these questions alive in me, to continue working with the images and words she and I conjured together.
I highly recommend working with Cristina to anyone interested in using the creative process to clarify and catalize situations that have been stumbling blocks.
I also hear she has lots of experience working with children so I recommend her to parents as well." Kim H.

"I am a professional artist who has worked with Cristina to refine my interpretative skills about my own art work, and art in general. Often times I transpose my mental images onto canvas at a fast pace, without much pondering what I am doing. Cristina's guide has been great to help me establish a deeper contact with my own paintings, with great benefit for my marketing strategies too!" Nick T.